1. What is gotolectures?

A-Go To Lectures is a online dental educational platform whrere dentists can take live lectures from top instructors around the world.

2. What can I get from this site?

A-You can get lot’s of clinical upgrading courses,practice assistance programs, exam training courses which are essential for professional career.

3. How much I have to pay?

A-There are different course programs with different enrollment fees. You can get enrolled to anyone.

4. Is there any free courses?

A- Yes ! There are different free courses. You can add them to your dashboard and view at absolute free of cost.

5. Do you provide any certificate ?

A- Few certificate courses are available: student receive course completion certificate,with Indian dental Academy’s logo.

6- how can I enroll to the lecture?

A- Enrolloing is a simple procedure:
First step- sign up by filling the registration form, your account will be created.
Second step : browse the courses and select the course of your interest
Third step : make a payment and attend scheduled live lectures one on one

7-how can i make a payment ?

A- payment can be made by internet banking,cerdit card & debit card and Paypal
for the students who cannot make by these methods can pay by western union or direct bank transfer.

8-where can i watch these lectures ?

A-these lectures can be attended via mobiles,ipad,laptop and desktop

9-do i need to download any app to view lectures in mobiles?

A- to view lectures in mobiles and i pad you need to download virtual class room app.